Article Writing Tips – Use NLP to Become a Better Writer

Today, In this article, I am going to discuss how NLP can help you get more focused and help you write better articles in no time at all. As the name NLP suggest (Neuoro Linguistic Programming), we are going to train you brain to spit out higher quality articles at faster rate. Now you might believe, it’s not possible but I am going to prove it is.

For example, Here is something I do regularly when I write article. I always start with Pen and paper and start outlining all the ideas that are in my head to write about. Why I do it?

Because it’s an anchor for my mind to let it know, that It’s time to write and get going. My unconscious part of the brain recognizes this anchor and start firing out information about topics I want to write.

I use pen and paper because this is my habit of note taking from my high school. Though I was out of high school about 12 yrs ago, this habit of note taking still remains. If I can use such an old habit to turn my mind into article writing machine, can you imagine what you can do with your habits?

How to create this sort of anchor?

There are many ways to set this kind of anchor. First thing you have to do is find something you can use as an anchor (for me it’s my pen and diary).

One of my friend uses a Cap (which he calls a “thinking typing cap”). I used to believe my pen can absorb information (it’s crazy I know).

Now Use this anchor and state your intention aloud, “As I use this thinking typing cap, I’ll use it to write a 300 word article in 10 minutes”. Every time you write an article, do this simple thing.

Use feeling that your cap is absorbing information and it’ll help you to write.

NLP is powerful tool, and it can set this kind of anchor in 1 time or about 3-4 times (it depends on your intention).

You can use anything to replace the or pen/diary. It has to be personal.

Now after you’ve built this anchor you need to use it daily to write. In a matter of week, you’ll find yourself writing far more than you can imagine yourself to write.

How to Write High-Quality Blog Articles

Do you have difficulty keeping up a fast pace and high quality when it comes to writing blog articles? Do you feel that you never have enough time to write blog articles of high quality?

People make time in their lives (both professional and personal) for whatever is important to them. If you think of blog writing as something that is important for the success of your business, in other words, an important marketing tool, you will be more inclined to carve out time in your business schedule to make sure that you write frequently and that the blogs are of high quality.

When it comes to increasing your online visibility, blog postings that are part of your business are a critical tool. Blog articles are the aspect of your website content that are fresh and cutting edge and inspire interesting and valuable discussions from others online. You will be able to use the content that you write on your blog for many purposes. You will get a great deal of mileage from it. It is important to remember that something that is so important for your business needs to be given an adequate amount of time to develop and maintain.

It really won’t take as much time as you think to successfully work on your blogging business activities. A reasonable amount of time to devote to blogging is 30 minutes a day. If you stop to consider how much return on investment your business will be getting for those 30 minutes a day, it really isn’t very much time at all. Your consistency will start to pay off before you know it. You will get a lot of use out of the content you write once you syndicate it to several social media platforms.

Put it on your calendar: The easiest way to accomplish a consistent schedule is to put it on your calendar. You should assign yourself time to write as well as manage your other blogging activities on the calendar when you are most likely to be creative (for many people, it might be in the morning). The search engines love it when you are consistent and frequent with when you post your blogs. With regard to frequency, you should try to post at least once or twice a week. You should write and post at the same time each week, if possible.

Write a list of topics before you write any blog articles: It is a very good idea to make a list of topics before you actually write anything. If you have the topic already picked out, you won’t have to spend any time on that aspect of your blog. If you assign each topic to a specific date, you will find the actual writing to be far less arduous than it would be otherwise. Good organization and efficiency are critical when it comes to managing your business schedule and your productivity level will be very high.

You will be surprised at how many writing ideas you will get just by speaking with other people. The more you write, the more ideas you will come up with. The list will help you if you ever find yourself in a position where you are not sure what to write about.

Research is also very important to the quality of your blog articles. You need to devote some time to reading what other people write during your work week. A reasonable amount of time is 30 minutes, twice a week. The writing of other people will serve to inspire you when you sit down to write your blog articles. In no way should you copy directly what others are writing. However, if you are interested in some of the ideas and topics that you read about, you can put your own spin on those ideas and topics and share your knowledge with others.

Write informational articles: It is extremely important that your content is informational and educational as opposed to promotional. Of course, your ultimate goals in offering valuable content are branding, promotion of your products and/or services and generation of leads for your business. However, your immediate goal is to inform and educate your readers. If your article is not focused on helping your readers, people will not have any interest in reading it.

Write more than one blog article at a time: This is a very helpful strategy. It will cut down on the stress that you may be experiencing if you are not constantly under the gun with regard to generating blog articles. If you have chosen to post two articles a week and you have populated your article repository with several articles, all you will have to do is post what you have in your blog file.

Write blog articles that are easy to read: You need to make sure that your articles are broken down to the point where your readers find them quick and easy to read. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you are trying to say. They need the information quickly and simply. If you don’t deliver the content in that manner, you will lose them as readers, and ultimately, as customers.

Write interviews: A wonderful way to easily and quickly create blog articles is to interview other people who are subject matter experts (SMEs) in your niche or industry. It is not recommended that you do this too frequently. Once a month, possibly as a special monthly feature, is a good idea and people will enjoy your interviews and look forward anxiously to the next month’s interview.

A good way to gather ideas for the monthly featured article is to identify several SMEs who have written books on your area of expertise and interview them for your blog. It is very important to communicate to those SMEs what’s in it for them (WIIFM).

Make sure to provide links in your articles that will lead your readers back to your interviewee’s book. Everyone wins in that situation. You win because you don’t have to create the content from scratch, which means that you don’t need to spend as much time on writing. Your guest SME wins because you are promoting his or her book in your blog article and providing your readers with links back to the book.


It is important to post blog articles with a consistent frequency and high quality. This will ensure that your content is always fresh, relevant and useful. Investing a small amount of time on your blog activities each week will yield tremendous results for you and your business.

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