Homeschool and Community College – What Are Your Options?

There are various issues that parents have to resolve pertaining to their homeschooled children. First, parents have to look into the policies of these community colleges regarding homeschool students. It must be stressed that each community college has its own policy regarding homeschool students. It thus benefits the parents a lot if they take time to assiduously verify applicable policies.

Verification of existing community college policies is not however the end of the story! I hasten to add that one very crucial issue that parents have to consider is whether or not they really have to send their homeschooled children to any of these local community colleges.

I do not take issue if parents send their homeschooled students to a community college. This is something that only the parents can decide and I assume that parents, especially Christian parents, only have the welfare of their children in mind in making such a decision. Also, they are in a better position to evaluate the readiness of their children to socialize and interact with an adult community which at times is unregulated. I should even say that parents must exercise due diligence in coming up with a well-discerned decision. They should not be swayed by the band wagon effect. They must understand the ramifications of this decision and the impact that it will have on the lives of their children. In other words, parents must act like parents and put premium on the total well-being of their homeschooled children.

I am saying all this because I care about the well-being of homeschooled teens. They have already benefited so much from their homeschooling years and can be allowed to continue to enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere and an environment that does not threaten to erode the values that they have learned to embrace. Hopefully, the issues that I am raising here will encourage homeschoolers to open their eyes to some of the sad realities occurring in the local community colleges and decide for themselves and for the benefit of their children whether to send homeschooled kids to a local community college.