Article Writing Tips – Use NLP to Become a Better Writer

Today, In this article, I am going to discuss how NLP can help you get more focused and help you write better articles in no time at all. As the name NLP suggest (Neuoro Linguistic Programming), we are going to train you brain to spit out higher quality articles at faster rate. Now you might believe, it’s not possible but I am going to prove it is.

For example, Here is something I do regularly when I write article. I always start with Pen and paper and start outlining all the ideas that are in my head to write about. Why I do it?

Because it’s an anchor for my mind to let it know, that It’s time to write and get going. My unconscious part of the brain recognizes this anchor and start firing out information about topics I want to write.

I use pen and paper because this is my habit of note taking from my high school. Though I was out of high school about 12 yrs ago, this habit of note taking still remains. If I can use such an old habit to turn my mind into article writing machine, can you imagine what you can do with your habits?

How to create this sort of anchor?

There are many ways to set this kind of anchor. First thing you have to do is find something you can use as an anchor (for me it’s my pen and diary).

One of my friend uses a Cap (which he calls a “thinking typing cap”). I used to believe my pen can absorb information (it’s crazy I know).

Now Use this anchor and state your intention aloud, “As I use this thinking typing cap, I’ll use it to write a 300 word article in 10 minutes”. Every time you write an article, do this simple thing.

Use feeling that your cap is absorbing information and it’ll help you to write.

NLP is powerful tool, and it can set this kind of anchor in 1 time or about 3-4 times (it depends on your intention).

You can use anything to replace the or pen/diary. It has to be personal.

Now after you’ve built this anchor you need to use it daily to write. In a matter of week, you’ll find yourself writing far more than you can imagine yourself to write.

Dog Training Book – Make the Right Choice

If you are looking for a dog training book, there are quite a few to choose from. They are available in local book stores, online book stores and online e-books. Every book has its own approach on how to train your funny friend, but picking the one that suits your needs is important.

Having owned many dog training books, it is apparent that they all have differences in how they explain training. There can be tons of great tips inside on everything from basic training to advanced methods for tricks and such. Some books have the tendency to go into too much detail and not enough material. Finding a book with straight to the point training is what’s important.

Some dog training books are written around the author’s experiences with dogs in their life and how they have trained them throughout. That is fantastic, but when you are looking for a book to learn training techniques, having a story tale of someone’s life experiences is a lot to read to get to the useful information you really need.

If you have a new puppy, you need a dog training book fast. The first couple of weeks that you have your new puppy are the most important for them to be learning. That rules out ordering a book that will take a week to arrive. It comes down to the fastest choice being an e-book on training advice. Out of all the books that I have seen online as an e-book, there is only one that stood out as a great buy.

This dog training book has everything in it for the first time dog owner, the coverage on training methods and why you perform them that way are just phenomenal. The writer of this book has gone over the top in providing the full explanation of each training method and command. There really is no other that has the same value inside. Be sure to get the book that suites your needs, if it is puppy training, this is the one for you.

What Advantages Does A Private High School Offer Students?

If you are thinking of putting your child in a private high school instead of a public one, you should do some research on the features to look for. You will find that most private schools offer some advantages that you cannot get just anywhere, but you need to sift through them to narrow down your search. You should learn about a few of the top benefits that you may find at schools of this type, and then you can decide if they are important to you. You can then look for schools with these features.

One of the most important details of a good high school is small class size. Many public schools are overflowing with kids, as each class might have upwards of 30 or even 35 students. However, many private institutions limit the size to about 15 to 20 kids per class. This is a good thing because it allows each teacher to offer every student more attention, which tends to improve the ability to learn. Therefore, you should keep this in mind when looking for schools for your child.

Another feature to look for is a range of interesting classes. For example, while the typical high school might only offer Spanish and French as foreign languages, private schools often have several other languages to choose from. This is especially important if your child is actually interested in studying a particular language that is not usually offered. Of course, many colleges tend to look at a wide range of classes as a good thing, since they can teach students more varied subjects than usual. If you want your child to have a chance to take unique courses, you should find a high school with several classes to choose from.

In addition, some colleges actually work closely with schools to make sure students are prepared to get an advanced education. This means that teachers are careful to teach skills that can be used in college, along with advanced coursework when appropriate. Also, college counselors may be on-hand to talk to students and give them advice. If you think your child could use some help of this kind, which would likely help prepare him or her for college, you should look into schools offering these features.

A simple visit to the website or campus of a local private high school could give you the answers you are looking for. If you think your child would benefit from and appreciate these advantages, you should start researching. You are sure to find at least one location that offers these benefits.

Learn Spanish at Home – Discover 4 Benefits on Why You Should Learn Spanish at Home

Who else wants to learn Spanish at home? Well, more and more people are preferring to learn the Spanish
language from the comfort of their own home. This is because learning something new in the comfort of your own home can be very beneficial. Also, you will be able to save time and money by learning Spanish from home. Here are four benefits on why you should learn Spanish at home.

First Benefit

First of all, if you want to learn Spanish at home, one of the main benefits is that you can learn at your own pace. You will be able to learn at your own leisure in the comfort of your home. This should help you learn the language more effectively since you will not be rushed to complete the lessons by a certain time period. Also, make sure that you complete each lesson that you start and do not get lazy and stop just because you are learning at home.

Second Benefit

Additionally, by learning Spanish at home, you can study the lessons when the time is convenient for you. You will be able to determine the time and day of each week that will best fit your schedule. So, the more days that you dedicate each week to learning Spanish, the faster you will be able to speak the language.

Third Benefit

Another benefit you will have when you learn Spanish at home is that you will save time and money. You will not have to spend the extra time that it takes to commute back and forth to a local college or university. You can now spend this extra time on learning your lessons. Also, you will save money on the transportation cost of traveling back and forth from class each day.

Fourth Benefit

Finally, if you decide to learn Spanish at home, you will have the added benefit of listening to Spanish radio stations and watching Spanish programs on television. You can listen to the radio while you are doing chores around your home or while you are driving in your car. This will help you learn how the words are pronounced. Also, you can start watching some Spanish programs on television or rent some Spanish movies and learn how the language is spoken properly.

Whether Blackberry BCP-611 Certification Course is Going to Retire

BlackBerry BCP-611 certification course is awarded from BlackBerry and it is specially designed for designing the BlackBerry solution with the IBM lotus domino environment. The exam name for BlackBerry BCP-611 is deployment as well as designing of BlackBerry solution with using the IBM lotus domino server environment. This certification examination is one of the BlackBerry enterprise server 4.1 versions. With effect from September 1st 2010, all BlackBerry 4.1 version examination is to be retired and it is been updated to further upgrades. From September 1st 2010, BlackBerry BCP-611 exam will be upgraded to BlackBerry BCP-621 with the same name BlackBerry solution with IBM lotus domino environment server.

How to maintain with already certified certification?

If you have been already certified with BlackBerry BCP-611 certification or any one of the BlackBerry 4.1 versions certification before, then you need to certify with the new version certification on or before February 28th 2011. All further details are been published in the website and candidates can have a glance in the website for knowing further details.

Examination objectives:

The following are the current BlackBerry BCP-611 examination objective and it is valid until September 1st 2010. They are:

1) BlackBerry enterprise solution architecture
2) Analysis of business needs
3) Analysis of technology needs
4) Designing of BlackBerry enterprise solution
5) Deployment (with a provided scenario)
6) Disaster recovery or highly availability
7) Installation as well as upgrades of BlackBerry enterprise solution
8) Security (for BlackBerry device user)

Before taking up with this examination, it is recommended to have experience to the candidates with the BlackBerry enterprise solution server. You can get some study guides; instructor led training and tutorials as well as other resources from BlackBerry website. There are no prerequisites required to take up with this examination. You can register the exam in online from the prometric website and you can also select your nearest venue. Once you pay the fee of 150 USD for the examination, you can able to schedule your exam time and date.

Fun Educational Games For Your Child

Childhood is a period characterized by restlessness and lots of activity. It is a difficult task to make the child concentrate on a single subject for a long time. Within a split second, they may be attracted to some other unimportant thing losing their interest in the subject. This is the basic difficulty faced by most of the teachers and parents when they try to teach children some subject, particularly if the subject to be taught is the frightening one such as math.

Fun educational games have become a relief to the modern parents and teachers, in such a context. The basic idea behind the it is to make the child learn a subject or something new without depriving them of their childhood pleasures. As the name suggests, these games try to educate the child through games. There are a lot of varieties present now a day.

The resources for these games have increased with the advent of the internet. Moreover, our surroundings also offer a wide variety of opportunities to play the games in groups. These outdoor educational games can be also a great fun for our children.

There are a lot of online flash games present that help the child to learn any subject. People have a misunderstanding that online flash games are just suited for shooting, killing and other crazy games. These people have not still exploited the educational potential of the online flash games. Online flash games are fun and productive. They can be a great asset in your child’s education since children have an immense mental capacity to absorb any new piece of information and skill quickly and effectively. Thus, online flash games work better for the child than an adult.

They are of various types depending upon the subject in which you want your child gain skill. It will help them learn the most difficult subject such as geometry. Learning geometry is difficult for most children since they are unable to visualize the abstract concepts. Online flash games help the child to visualize the problems through games. This will help them better understand the procedure involved and thus they will arrive at the final answer intelligently. Children learn better by associating things and this is the trick behind fun educational games. Problems involving coordinates, degrees and distance can sound abstract to your child when he learns them through the traditional method. However, online games will definitely change your child’s perspective towards the subject.

Today’s games can teach your kids more than just basic geometry. Your kid can become a master in any subject they chose through them. They also help them to improve their memory through color co-ordination. They will even help teachers to enhance the skill of their students on social aspects such as critical thinking, interpersonal skills and knowledge based communication. This opportunity is limited in the traditional method of learning. Thus, the advantages of these games are unlimited.

Learn Spanish With Computer Courses

Are there are any good learn Spanish computer courses out there that can help you to learn Spanish like a pro right from your computer? Well fortunately, computers are extremely powerful and they can help you to learn Spanish with a quality computer course to help you along. If you’ve ever learned anything on a computer, you already know how much fun and how fast you can do it. So what’s a good way to get started? Read on to find out!

If you want to learn the Spanish language without tearing your hair out or getting a migraine, than a great idea is to find some quality resources to take advantage of and start benefiting from. Finding some good video or audio lessons online like on YouTube or somewhere else is a great way to get the gears turning inside your head, especially if you’re brand new to speaking Spanish. If you know somewhat about what you’re doing than you might want to try out skipping right towards a course and purchasing it so you can get started right away.

Finding a good computer course to learn Spanish with is key for success. There are some great online courses you can purchase and download to get started. They will automatically download to your computer so you don’t have to wait for them to ship and then you can immediately install and begin reaping the rewards of a high quality computer course for learning the Spanish language. If you’re serious about learning a new language or just brushing up, definitely take advantage of your computer as a “learning terminal”-you’ll be so glad you did!

Homeschool and Community College – What Are Your Options?

There are various issues that parents have to resolve pertaining to their homeschooled children. First, parents have to look into the policies of these community colleges regarding homeschool students. It must be stressed that each community college has its own policy regarding homeschool students. It thus benefits the parents a lot if they take time to assiduously verify applicable policies.

Verification of existing community college policies is not however the end of the story! I hasten to add that one very crucial issue that parents have to consider is whether or not they really have to send their homeschooled children to any of these local community colleges.

I do not take issue if parents send their homeschooled students to a community college. This is something that only the parents can decide and I assume that parents, especially Christian parents, only have the welfare of their children in mind in making such a decision. Also, they are in a better position to evaluate the readiness of their children to socialize and interact with an adult community which at times is unregulated. I should even say that parents must exercise due diligence in coming up with a well-discerned decision. They should not be swayed by the band wagon effect. They must understand the ramifications of this decision and the impact that it will have on the lives of their children. In other words, parents must act like parents and put premium on the total well-being of their homeschooled children.

I am saying all this because I care about the well-being of homeschooled teens. They have already benefited so much from their homeschooling years and can be allowed to continue to enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere and an environment that does not threaten to erode the values that they have learned to embrace. Hopefully, the issues that I am raising here will encourage homeschoolers to open their eyes to some of the sad realities occurring in the local community colleges and decide for themselves and for the benefit of their children whether to send homeschooled kids to a local community college.

How You Can Benefit From a Woman’s Coach

Even though women have come a long way in the workforce, they are still faced with many issues.

Women are now a larger part of corporate management, but they are still highly unrepresented, with a national average of just 17% in most organizations. They have long been overlooked when it comes to talent and experience in the corporate world and although this situation is improving, it’s clear more shifts are required. With more women leaders however, more women are being given the chance play an integral part of senior management and are hiring them for those roles. For example we are seeing immediate change at Yahoo! since former Google exec Marissa Mayer was named CEO of Yahoo!

But still, the actual number of women in corporate management is significantly less than it should be. This is largely due to the fact that women aren’t encouraged to seek higher paying positions with more responsibility. By using a woman’s coach, this can easily be remedied.

A woman’s coach exists to motivate and help women improve their business and personal lives. As women advance in business, they have found coaching to be an integral part of their success.

Unfortunately, some women in today’s business world may feel that they either don’t need the help, they don’t want or need the assistance to succeed, or it is too expensive to be worth it. When a woman is trying to balance a career, motherhood, and still find time for herself, she may forget how important all of those things are to her life. This is exactly the type of thinking that translates into the need for a woman’s coach.

A coach can help a woman deal with the variety of issues she faces and provide helpful solutions. They can show that by using the right tools a woman can easily progress in business. With the right guidance, a woman trying to either move up the corporate ladder or start her own business can find the right path for her success.

A coach can also combine strategies to help a woman deal with balancing her personal and professional life. By enhancing both aspects of her life, a woman will feel more empowered to succeed and move forward in her career.

By having a strategic plan in place, a woman will gain confidence. They can feel like they have their own strategic partner that they can turn to when a life or business challenges proves to be overwhelming.

Instead of sitting back and feeling like she is all alone in her quest for business success, a woman’s coach will help a woman reach her personal and business goals. This can assist her in reaching a senior management role in a corporate environment either in her workplace or in building a business of her own.

Use Your Career Journal To Update Your Resume And Find A Job

One of the first things you can do to make your career journal work for you is to use it to update your current resume. While some of the things that you have written in your career journal may not be appropriate for your resume there is still a lot of good information at your disposal that you can use. The main things that you want to focus on in your resume include your objective, your summary profile and the results that you achieve for each of your previous employers. If you have been keeping your career journal updated this should be an easy task.

Let’s get started by looking at your objective statement. A common mistake that people make when writing their objective is to make it all about themselves. Your objective should focus instead on what the employer needs and not what you want. When writing your objective you should state how your education, skills and work experience will directly benefit your potential employer. For example, does your current objective reflect your ability to make the company money, save the company money or improve the productivity of the company. If not, you should take some time looking through your career journal to determine which of these three areas represent your greatest strength.

The second thing that you want to work on is your summary profile. Your summary profile should highlight key achievements obtained during the course of your work history. Ideally, these should be quantified statements. Using numbers when writing about your achievements is very powerful and paints a picture in the mind of the employer in terms of what you could potentially do for their company if hired. When writing your summary profile be sure to use bullet points and active versus passive wording. Your summary profile will be one of the first things that an employer sees when reviewing your resume so it is important that you gauge their interest early on so they will be inspired to continue reading.

The third thing you want to do is to ensure that the rest of the language used in your resume supports the information given in your summary profile. When writing about your job responsibilities you should write about the results you achieve while performing that responsibility and not simply list them as so many people do. Generally, employers already know what responsibilities are entailed in a particular position. So, just as with your summary profile you will want to use statements that quantified which focus on your results. I like to call them impact statements. For each job that you have held you will want to state what impact your work performance had on the role or position to which you were assigned.

Let’s summarize what we have covered. First, you will want to draw information from your career journal that can be used to update your resume. Secondly, when updating your resume you will want to focus on your objective, your summary profile and the results that you achieved for each of your previously held positions. Then you will want to use active wording throughout the resume, bullet points and quantify each statement. As a result, by applying the information contained in your career journal to your new resume you will find that the number of career opportunities available to you will be greatly increased.